coastal boatworks, inc.

repair & restoration

From classic restorations to case-by-case repairs, there's never a dull moment in Coastal's glass shop.

Rotting transom? Cracked gel-coat? Hit a nun?

We can fix it.

Storm damage? Insurance claim?

How about we wet sand then buff that faded gel-coat and add a new set of reproduction graphics?

Got an old Whaler?

Bring it in for winter restoration work for discounted storage rates, and enjoy a better-than-before boat for the spring.

We love old Whalers, and so do our clients.  Few other brands hold such precious sentimental value for their owners.  They are safe and affordable,  but most of all they become part of the family - a great tool for the entry level boater.  We’ve seen these boats passed down from generation to generation, along with a passion to be on the water.